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The end of the Prehistoric era

The Musée de Lodève is one of the only regional museums entirely consecrated to the end of the Prehistoric era and particularly the Neolithic period (between 4500 and 2500 BC), a period not well known by the general public.

It is throughout this fascinating period, a pivotal moment in the evolution of society, that man would begin little by little to change the way of life. Hunter-gatherers, they would progressively become farmers and livestock breeders. The objects on display bear witness to their activities, to their know-how and to their symbolic world. In the territory, it is the time of the first villages, storage caves, dolmens, burial grottos and the first copper mines. A rich regional heritage, with singular histories recreated as a veritable journey in time.

Brush the dust of the Prehistoric era! That is the goal of this new presentation of the archaeological collections. Nine animated short films show a slice of life in diverse ages of the Prehistoric era, by focusing on characters which will feature throughout the episodes. These skits give life to the objects on display in the cases. All the films were directed by the “Fées spéciales” the team behind Kirikou and the witch, Azur and Asmar...

Multimédia préhistoire © Les fées spéciales
Gravure rupestre dans la grotte d'Aldène
Famille néolithique © Les Fées spéciales
Statue menhir
Minerai cuivre © Philppe Martin
The lives of prehistoric societies told with humour, invention and poetry

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