Labeil Grotto

Occupied since the Neolithic era

Labeil Grotto

Important relics attest to the occupation of the Labeil grotto since 3000 BC (Neolithic era). The surrounding area of the grotto offers favourable conditions for the long-term settlement of man: high cliffs facing south and protecting from the northerly winds; Hardwood forest with abundant game; soil conducive to growing cereals, and certainly an abundant presence of water. In addition, the archway of the grotto dominated the vast plain of Hérault and allowed them to look across a vast territory, right up to the Mediterranean.


The grotto, excavated in the 1960s, revealed many burial sites. Ornaments, water gathering vases, everyday objects were dug up, bearing witness to many millennia of human presence. Visiting the grotto gives us an idea of the richness and originality of these discoveries.


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