Past exhibitions

Previous summer exhibitions at the Musée de Lodève:

2019: Landscapes
2018 : Faun, scare me! Images of the faun from Antiquity to Picasso

2017 : Strong impressions. One hundred masterpiece prints : Dürer, Rembrandt, Goya, Degas...

2016 : Alexandre Hollan. Questions to the trees.

2015 : Weaving Colour, tapestries from Calder, Delaunay, Miró...

2014 : Bissière, figures beside


2013 : Gleizes - Metzinger, Cubism and its legacy

2012 : Théo Van Rysselberghe, A wondrous moment

2012 : Flippant Time, 30 years of the Regional Fund for Contemporary Art in Languedoc-Roussillon

2011 : Louis Valtat, at the dawn of Fauvism

2010 : From Gauguin to Nabis, The right to try everything

2009 : Bonnard, Discerning Observer of the Everyday

2008 : Kisling

2007 : Masterpieces of Oscar Ghez's collection

2006 : Berthe Morisot, Regards Pluriels

2005 : Braque-Friesz

2004 : Van Dongen from North and from South

2003 : De Chirico et la peinture italienne de l'entre-deux guerres

2002 : Painters of Vienna, Secession to Expressionism

2001 : Derain-Vlaminck, 1900-1915

2000 : Painters of Venice, from Titien to Canaletto in Italians collections

1999 : Les Fauves et la critique

1998 : Marquet

1997 : Utrillo

The winter and summer exhibitions invite the visitor to a discovery: discovery of the work of a contemporary artist sometimes carried out in the context of a residency or the discovery of a private or public collection.

The following artists have been shown in the exhibitions: Odon (2005), André-Pierre Arnal (2006), Vincent Bioulès (2010) or Michel Danton (2011)....

Amongst the collections we can cite:

2013-2014: Bonnard, Renoir, Vuillard… Masterpieces of the Arkas collection

2011-2012: The Soap Factory of Lodève, 50 years of creation (in collaboration with the Mobilier National)

2008-2009: Masterpieces of a collection: sketches from the Atger museum

2007-2008: An Italian collection: Picasso, Léger, Warhol, Arman…

2004-2005: From Ensor to Magritte in the collections of the Gand Museum

Affiche exposition "Faune fais-moi peur !" © Musée de Lodève
Affiche Impressions fortes
Affiche Tisser la couleur
Affiche Bonnard, Renoir...
Affiche Van Rysselberghe
Affiche La Savonnerie
Affiche De Gauguin aux Nabis
Affiche Bonnard 2009
Affiche Atger
Affiche Braque
Affiche peintres de Vienne
Affiche peintres de venis

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