from 4 april to 4 april 2020

Eric Bourret. Terres

This exhibition was due from April the 4th to August the 23rd, 2020, but everything was stopped by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to present it in the best possible conditions, this exhibition has been rescheduled for 2022.

Eric Bourret (born 1964) calls himself a photographer-walker and aligns himself with English Land Art. In his images, he expresses the profound sensory transformations brought about through the act of walking. By disintegrating the structure of the original visual data, he creates another reality - subtle and moving.

Bourret’s photographs mesmerize. They recall both rock strata, left by time, and the ephemeral passage of man, and thus have a particular resonance with the Museum's own geological and archaeological collections. These works, produced as part of a residency in the area, are shown alongside some of the artist's older work.

The exhibition includes large polyptychs, photos in series, installations, multimedia work, and even a room for viewers to explore their own creativity. In exhibition space covering over 520m², the Museum of Lodeve invites you to a full, all-round experience of Eric Bourret's work.

Une des dernières expositions d'Eric Bourret, au Xie Zilong Art Museum, Chine 2019 © Eric Bourret
Eric Bourret, Paris 2017 © Eric Bourret
Eric, Bourret, Lac du Salagou, 2018 © Eric Bourret
Eric Bourret, Grands Causses, 2018 © Eric Bourret
“I am made up of the landscapes that I move through and that move through me. For me, the photographic image is a container - a container of forms, energy and meaning." Eric Bourret

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