Contact the head of the Beaux-Arts collections

The information below is intended for students and research students in Art History, as well as the directors and managers of museums.

Come and study the collections

The museum can host research students on appointment for the study of its collections.

Request a loan

To obtain an object from the Beaux-Arts collection of the museum on loan, please contact the director of the collection to specify the work you would wish to loan, the name of the host institution, the name and dates of exhibition envisaged.

Make a donation to the museum’s collection

If you would like to make a donation to the Musée de Lodève, please contact the director of the collections. Every donation is submitted to the validation of the commission for acquisition of the museums of France which will judge the adequacy of the work proposed for the scientific and cultural project of the museum.


Cécile Chapelot, Director of the Beaux-Arts collections of the Musée de Lodève

Tel: 04 11 95 02 16 – Email: cchapelot [@]


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+33 (0)4 67 88 86 10

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1 place Francis Morand
34700 Lodève


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