Contact and reservation for groups

Group reservation centre

Christelle De Oliveira
04 11 95 02 22

You can reach me Monday to Friday: 9am-12:30pm and 1:30pm to 5pm

Postal address:
Centrale de réservation
Maison de services aux publics
1 place Francis Morand
34700 Lodève

Guided visits can be planned from Tuesday to Sunday.

Welcoming and accompanying all members of the public in their discovery of the museum is our principal mission. For your comfort, all reservations necessitate a preliminary contact with the reservation service in order to be able to propose to you the programme which is the most suitable for your demand. You may choose a date and an hour which is convenient for you.


Bus access map

Square Georges Auric

34700 Lodève

Coach parking: Municipal park 500 metre from the Musée de Lodève (red dot on the map)

The group may be dropped off in front of the Lodève country and Larzac Tourism office (red square on the map), situated 250 metres from the Musée de Lodève.

Plan accès groupes

Group Rates



Summer exhibition +permanent collections

Permanent collections or winter exhibition + permanent collections

Guided visit package
mini groups
(entrance fee + guided visit
up to 10 people)

100 €

80 €

Guided visit package
up to 20 people
(entrance fee + guided visit
up to 20 people)

200 €

160 €

Self-tour package
up to 20 people
(entrance fee only; additional charge will be applied if you come with your own guide)

150 €

110 €

Additional costs

Surcharge per extra people

7 €

5 €

Surcharge per extra guide (obligatory from 26 people)

50 €

50 €

Surcharge "Droit de parole"
(if you come with your own guide)

20 € 

20 € 

Surcharge on Sundays and bank holidays

40 €

40 €

Surcharge for a guided visit in English

50 €

50 €

Work councils reduction

Reduction applied on the packages
(except mini groups)

15 %

15 %


Payment is made by cheque, bank transfer or purchase order according to the conditions of reservation contract. A payment receipt will be send to you by mail in the 24 hours which follow the sale.


In the case of lateness, we ask you to warn us by telephone and we will come up with the best solution together.

In the case of a delay of over 20 minutes the museum has the right to:

-shorten the visit,

-push the visit back within the limits of availability,

-cancel the guided visit/

In all cases, the group may still visit the museum alon


In the case of all cancellations made by the museum, no payment will be requested.

In the case of all cancellations made by the group, a partial or total payment of the tariff given will be requested in function of your reservation contract.


In the context of the Vigipirate security controls, a bag and luggage check will be carried out at the entrance. Large bags and suitcases are prohibited.

Any person who refuses this check cannot access the museum.

General conditions

For the comfort of all parties, we ask the group leader to present themselves at the welcome desk 10 minutes before the visit.

We ask the group to respect the hour of the visit and the theme chosen. Before and after the visit, the group is free to discover the museum in its entirety without any time restriction.

Photos are authorised throughout the entire museum; temporary exhibition may be subject to certain restrictions. The use of flash photography or tripods are prohibited.


contact us

+33 (0)4 67 88 86 10

Postal address
1 place Francis Morand
34700 Lodève


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